Monday, July 31, 2006

Got The Date On The Golden Gate

Last Wednesday night at Cody's was a success in large part thanks to Kim Askew's fan club. If her posse hadn't arrived, we would have had a very small gathering. So thank you to Kim's friends for joining us!! Kim read a bit more than usual from her piece- skipping sections- but delighting the audience with her overall story. Dao played her songs High Flyer and When U Go Out. I noticed Michelle Richmond nodding along in agreement when Dao read about that particular isolation all mothers feel. Here, here. Michelle commented that when she was listening to Kim's story, she remembered falling in love with San Francisco as a teenager when she visited with her family for the first time. She asked how many in the crowd decided to move to SF because they had fond memories of the city as a tourist. No surprise that quite a few people raised their hands. (L-R Dao Strom, Michelle Richmond, Nicki Richesin, and Kim Askew)

In honor of the clang-clang of the trolley outside Kim's window and her memories of peeping in homes as she rode it up Nob Hill, I came up with a few questions for our local San Franciscans to answer. Here's the questionnaire if you would like to weigh in with your answers too.

If you've got three hours in San Francisco....

Where would you go for an intimate dinner?

Best neighborhood cafe?

Favorite building?

People should know...

Do you have a favorite SF view?

If you could own one place...

How do you escape summer in the city?

What is your favorite shop?

Where would you go for a dream date?

What's a San Francisco stereotype that fits?

After the reading, we went to that quirky watering hole The Owl Tree. The macrame owl hanging on the wall reminded me so much of the one my Mom made that held a place of honor above our staircase during the seventies. We were joined by a sweet crowd including our friend the sophisticated Ms. Linda Good, Edward Champion, and Beej Hall. I waited for Dao's friend, Vendela Vida, but after a long day with Lily I was officially pooped and begged off. Of course, Ms. Vida arrived a few minutes later. I'm sorry I missed a chat with this interesting San Francisican who has such amazing accomplishments like editing The Believer and co-founding 826 Valenica. Thanks to everyone for joining us- especially the contributors. You rock!


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