Saturday, July 29, 2006

Be Still My Heart

I first fell in love with Grant Lee's voice in college when I heard Grant Lee Buffalo's album Fuzzy. His whiskey-hummed words combined with the acoustic howl of the guitars, melodic bass, driving drums like 16 Horsepower, and the old world churn of pump organs and parlor pianos made me swoon. Not to mention their bizarre cover art that created a puzzling world of masks and hidden figures. I saw the band perform at Bimbo's almost eight years ago as part of the Jubilee tour. Although he hails from Stockton, you'd never know with his sexy, southern drawl and beguiling, rock poet lyrics. Last night, Kim and I luckily scored tickets from concertgoers at the door to his sold-out show at Cafe du Nord. I felt 21 again and for that Mr. Phillips, I thank you.


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