Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Envelope Please...

Drumroll. I am very happy to announce the winners of our 3 Things Before 40 Contest. The winners will receive a signed copy of The May Queen with my gratitude for expressing interest in our little contest.

Congratulations to Gena Hymowech of Brooklyn, Linda Good of San Francisco, and Kelly Bridget McHugh of Fort Edward, New York.

Gena’s 3 Things:
1. Get paid what I am worth
2. Be able to marry my girlfriend legally (I am a girl)
3. See the end of terrorism

Linda’s 3(4) Things:
1. Run a marathon
2. Finish a short story collection (and by that, I don't mean I'll be soliciting money for a short story, although now that I think of it, that could work, too)
3. Learn French, Spanish, and the Guitar
4. Sing onstage -- and not karaoke

Kelly’s 3 Things:
1. Climb the highest mountain in New York State
2. Finish my dissertation
3. Buy more land

Editing The May Queen took me on a journey. I met some incredible women during the many months I spent reading and compiling the essays for the collection. Thankfully, I found a generous and persistent agent who worked very hard to sell the book to my editor. Along the way, I learned a lot about the business of creating a book.

Writing this blog has been a fun way to share some of my passions, adventures, and thoughts about the anthology. Now that I have committed to teaching a class with the Families For Literacy program as a part of Marin Literacy Program, I will have much less time for blogging. So I'm afraid it's time to stop for now. I always love to hear what people think of The May Queen. So please email me and let me know. Thanks for reading and be sure to join us on November 6 at Madrone Lounge!


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