Sunday, August 27, 2006

Whip It Good!

Here’s an amusing 15-second commercial spot for MQ Jennifer Weiner's latest The Guy Not Taken starring Jen and Susan Bott, better known as...the Swiffer Lady! From Jen’s blog:
Those of you who've read Goodnight Nobody know the role the Swiffer Lady plays in the story -- basically, she's the woman the heroine, Kate Klein, imagines when she's daydreaming about who her children, and her life in picture-perfect Connecticut, might really belong to. Susan emailed me to tell me how pleased she was to find her work dusting to Devo immortalized in print. I wrote back to tell her how thrilled I was to hear from her. So when it came time to cast the female principal for the commercial, it was an easy call. I emailed Susan, who is a very fine comedian in her own right, and asked whether she'd consider coming to Philadelphia to shoot a low-tech, low-budget, fifteen-second spot for a book in my favorite neighborhood bookstore. Astonishingly, she said 'yes.' Jen’s short story collection is coming to stores September 5th.


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