Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Having It All

When I was in my early twenties, I read Helen Gurley Brown's Sex and The Single Girl mainly out of a curiosity about the life of a liberated lady in the swinging sixties, but I was also fascinated by a woman who would go on to create a publishing empire. So I was thrilled when Colleen Rush called to interview me for her Cosmo article Everything You Need To Know About Your 30s featured in the September issue. I want to thank her for including me in such fine company. Within the section I’m quoted, Colleen argues that women, pre-pregnancy, or even during pregnancy, have legitimate fears and worries, but tend to think this is a sign that they may not be ready, or worry that these anxieties mean they're selfish, or they're too focused on what they're going to be giving up. She points out that this means they're really considering all of the angles about the decision they're making, and maybe mourning a little bit of what they might lose. The rest of the well-researched article focuses on women's health, relationships, body image, and career changes. Look for it on newsstands now.


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