Friday, August 11, 2006

Southern California Wants To Be Western NY

I had the pleasure of touring the Finger Lakes and attending Rochester’s Lilac Festival with a boyfriend many moons ago. Although we could still see our breath in May, I thoroughly enjoyed the splendid beauty of upstate New York. When Kim and I were in NYC in April, I must confess I was also in complete awe of the lilacs in bloom. Now, for a fan letter to Kim from a New Yorker inspired by her story. Thanks Kelly!
My girlfriend passed The May Queen along to me. I am passing it along to another friend who will also love it. In fact, I have been talking about it to all of my friends. My thirties will be coming to an end soon so I am devouring this stuff up while I can. I specifically liked your essay because I too felt exactly the same way about New York State as you did about San Francisco. My husband dragged me (kicking and screaming) to Michigan for three years. I couldn't get back here fast enough.
Every day as I drive to work I am in awe of the scenery (and the gobs and gobs of lilacs) and so thankful to be home. So, I return home from work and sit on my deck with my cute husband and cute baby and drink wine while the Adirondack Mountains loom in the distance. I think you should do a book signing in upstate New York or Vermont and join us for dinner. My husband is an awesome cook and you would love my group of girlfriends.

Your new fan, Kelly


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