Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Curtain Call

Our good friend Amy Helmes (and Kim’s sidekick in reporting the very latest in literary adaptation on Romancing the Tome) gave her pal Michelle TMQ as a birthday gift. Read Michelle’s impressions in her thank you letter to Amy.
"Suddenly, somewhere in your thirties, all of the quick, sometimes hard decisions fall into place and the life you've been rehearsing for becomes the life you are living." This made so much sense to me when I read it today. I ran and got my highlighter as if it were something I needed to memorize for a class. Anyway, I decided to do some reading for fun today, instead of what I have to read for class. I came across that book you got me for my birthday and love it! For the past few years, I have sort of been going through life as if it is some sort of dress rehearsal... What the hell am I prepping for??? Hopefully somewhere in my thirties it will all come together... :) See what a few days off from teaching does to me!!!! As you well know, I don't get a lot of extra time to read for fun and The May Queen was perfect. Some of the stuff really hit home with me. Thanks!
-Michelle Hader


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