Saturday, August 12, 2006

Kiss Me, Kate

My sweet friend Katie from our NACEL days of teaching English in southwestern France (sigh) very kindly wrote a note explaining how she feels about TMQ and turning 30. On one of our days off in the Pyrenees, I accompanied Katie hang gliding, so it came as no surprise that she celebrated her thirtieth birthday by hang gliding again!
Hi Nicki,
Your book has been decorating my nightstand since the first day it was released. I've been looking at it longingly, wanting to start it, but wanting time to really “get into it.” Teaching takes it out of me during the week and I'm so pooped when I get home...or at least that's why I thought I was delaying starting it. I kept telling myself, “I'll read it over Easter weekend when I have four days off and I can really dive into it and think about it.” I finally started it and I realized that I have been subconsciously putting off reading your book because by reading it I'll have to admit I'm in my 30s and want to read a book like this! As a schoolteacher just starting this third decade of my life, I lead a very different life from most of the women in this book, yet, I surprisingly found myself identifying with each woman's perspective in a unique way. I wanted to savor each contributor's experience and ponder over our similarities, our differences, and our mutual desire to cherish this time in our lives. I enjoyed getting to know each woman as she gave a glimpse of her personal thoughts and life experiences. I read a new section every few nights or so and got used to the idea that, okay so I'm in my is not OVER!
-Katie McCorkle


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