Monday, August 14, 2006

Dirty Sugar Cookies

From the back cover of MQ Ayun Halliday's latest book Dirty Sugar Cookies:
How does a picky eater morph into a low-budget epicure whose digestive indiscretions are a matter of public record? Just how far can a pregnant woman stray from the Best Odds Diet until a food-borne bacterial infection lands her in the hospital? Can a serial monogamist really keep track of every post-coital breakfast she's ever enjoyed?
An omnivorous, rollicking chronicle of culinary awakening, Dirty Sugar Cookies is an oil-splattered, accidentally-dropped-on-the-floor, self-mocking love letter to everything Ayun Halliday has ever eaten — and a few of the things she wishes she hadn't.
Read her amusing Food Blog, Blog Tour, and Q&A with Powell's. Ayun will be coming to a bookstore near you soon- so check out her appearance calendar. (Photo of young Ayun with pigtails and color-coordinating dress and candles!)


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