Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Voulez-vous coucher avec moi? Charlotte and The Science of Sleep

When Nicki asked me to guest blog about French style, Charlotte Gainsbourg immediately popped into my head. Two of my very favorite actors, Gael Garcia Bernal and Charlotte, will star in Michel Gondry's upcoming film La Science des RĂªves (The Science of Sleep), which is described thusly on IMDB: "An insecure young man (Bernal) who lives in his dreams as much as in his real life attempts to establish a connection with his new neighbor (Gainsbourg)."

Gainsbourg, the daughter of Serge Gainsbourg (who once said: "There's a trilogy in my life, an equilateral triangle, shall we say, of Gitanes, alcoholism, and girls.") and Jane Birkin and wife of filmmaker Yvan Attal, is a true fashion idol and the epitome of seemingly effortless chic. At 13, she recorded the controversial song "Lemon Incest" with her father and she's starred in numerous films including Jane Eyre, 21 Grams, and La Petite Voleuse (The Little Thief). --Kim


Blogger TheClocktowerForest said...

I've become interested in Charlottes style over the past few months and will definitly see "The Science of Sleep." By the way, this is a good article.

3:01 PM  

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