Friday, September 29, 2006

Coming Soon To A Theatre Near You

I am eagerly awaiting the November 10 release of MQ Erin Cressida Wilson's new film Fur. Also in November, Erin's piece Milk Dress: A Nursing Song from The May Queen will appear in Nerve's new online magazine for the urban parent. The first issue will feature Erin's story among other personal essays, a few columns, and a blog. Regular columns will include bad parenting, childbirth memoirs, and tales of the worst advice offered by parents and friends. Look for it then!

Speaking of Fur's unusual leading man Mr. Downey who co-starred in another fantastic film Wonder Boys six years ago... I just finished Michael Chabon's fantastic romp and soul search through academia and adulthood responsbility for a mostly stoned, washed-up codger daylighting as a professor and one-time author. Chabon is a master of metaphor and as Kim so aptly put it, "I know, something about his writing is just so... sexy. " I couldn't agree more.


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