Sunday, June 25, 2006

Daughter of Fortune

I have lived in Marin County for six years now and in all that time I had never happened on our local luminary Isabel Allende. I knew that she lived in San Rafael with her beloved husband, Willie, and had heard the story of how she discovered her muse at Aroma Cafe -a barista for the cover of her novel Daughter of Fortune (pictured above). I have bumped into Sharon Stone at Black Oak Books; noticed Jill Eikenberry ushered to a private room at Jeanty at Jack's; passed Jill's husband Michael pushing a grocery cart full of mini vodkas; dined next to Annie Lamott and friends at Insalata's; I have even seen Dave Eggers scurrying down the steps at Mill Valley Public Library, but never, never Isabel. I first read Eva Luna in high school and wept through most of Paula. Since then, I have been a devoted fan of her literary and non-profit work.

So when my daughter and I waltzed into a bead store in Mill Valley last week and I spied a diminutive woman dressed in a sheer, floral get-up with a massive, jewel-encrusted belt, hiding behind black, Kate Spade sunglasses, I was too overcome to speak to her. Isabel has a very imposing presence for one so small. The truth is I didn't want to bother her. I just wanted to stare at her, but Lily wasn't having it. She, who at first had been so good-natured- quietly surveying the enormous collection of jars and delicately touching them and saying, "jus look, no touch," then threw a fit in front of my heroine. Needless to say, I didn't speak to her and when the bell tinkled as she walked out the door, I asked the nice lady who had repaired my earring if she knew who she was? Who? Oh well. Next time, I'll say hello!


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