Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Belles Lettres

Kudos to Victor Greto of The News Journal for including TMQ in his "Long and Short of It: Essay Books Work." He briefly praises TMQ and Marisa de los Santos' moving essay, "Wide Awake."

Once upon a time, I asked Beth Lisick to contribute an essay to TMQ. Regrettably, in the end we decided her piece wasn't quite right for the collection. I have remained a huge fan of her writing and her Porchlight storytelling series. I just recently finished her uproariously irreverent Everybody Into The Pool. The stories offer her unusual brand of humor and perspective- especially the telling ones about her family.

If you're in LA tomorrow afternoon, you should see Peter Richardson present a lecture on the legendary Nation editor, Carey McWilliams, entitled Always in Fashion? Carey McWilliams, California Radicalism, and the Politics of Cool. 4-6 p.m. Department of Special Collections A1713 Charles E. Young Research Library at UCLA. Champagne reception and book signing to follow lecture. Formidable!


Blogger Peter Richardson said...

How did I miss this recommendation? Turns out I was able to make the talk anyway. I gather UCLA Library will eventually publish the paper online. Thanks for posting this ... Peter

11:18 AM  

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