Friday, May 19, 2006

Try This On For Size

Word on the street is that fantastic writer and MQ contributor Lily Burana's new novel Try is a page-turner. Ms. Thang can certainly spin a good yarn so I eagerly await my copy!

Advance Praise for Try
From fellow May Queen Meghan Daum
"Lily Burana has written a feisty, funny, sexy novel about romantic love, family love, the love of rodeo, and, above all, the marvelous oddities of the western landscape that brings these loves together. Darryl Heatherly is a captivating, endearing narrator and her leading man, J.W. Jarrett, will charm the chaps off of the most urbane reader. TRY is a delight and Burana deserves a gold buckle for taking us along for this ride."

From Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the wonderful EAT, PRAY, LOVE
"My God, it's refreshing to read a novel as good and rank and honest and sexy as TRY. Lily Burana is wonderful storyteller, able to walk through all sorts of time-worn territory (cowboys, romance, rodeo) without stepping on a single cliche. If you don't care about the people in this book, then you should get your heart examined."


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