Saturday, June 03, 2006

TMQ in The New York Times!

I was shocked to discover TMQ cover featured on the front page of the Sunday Styles section in The New York Times last Sunday. I disagree with Mr. McGrath's take on women's anthologies and his comparison of TMQ with The Bitch in the House. As much as I admired TBITH, I was trying to create a book very different from Cathi's. The model was really more a book from Cathleen Rountree's series. At any rate, it was a wonderful surprise to see the book included in such fine company.
The 27th annual National Women's Studies Association conference and book exhibition will be held at the Oakland Marriott City Center and the Oakland Convention Center from June 15-18. On Thursday night ay 7pm, Rebecca Walker will be their keynote speaker. Please stop by the Penguin booth at the book exhibit (Friday-Sunday) and check out their new titles including TMQ.


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what starange place IS this....?
... am I... am I dead ??



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