Monday, July 03, 2006

The Devil's in the Details

MQ contributor Meghan Daum has an excellent op-ed piece on The Devil Wears Prada (from her weekly column in The Los Angeles Times). I saw the film yesterday with Kim and must admit to feeling a tad nostalgic for the days of busting my butt to prove myself. I don't miss making endless copies or being subjected to my psychotic manager's rants about her three ex-husbands and how much she regretted leaving New York. Nope, not that part. I'm more nostalgic for that particular brand of hunger- the late night talks about what was next and living off leftovers, take-out, and vodka gimlets. I miss that. I liked the movie very much. Meryl plays Vogue's ruthless Anna Wintour with all the grace and smugness her career has led her to portray. Apparently, she brought the b/w photos (in the foreground pictured above) to the set from her own home. Now that's commitment to a role! I especially enjoyed Emily Blunt's performance as "the first Emily."

Miranda July's short story The Shared Patio from All-Story has won a Best American Nonrequired Reading award (Notable Story). Love her!

I have been craving cupcakes lately. It's a sickness, but here's a great recipe for lavender cream cakes with citrus cream cheese frosting. For more cupcakes: check out Rachel Kramer Bussel's Cupcakes Take The Cake! YUMMY!


Anonymous Julie said...

I certainly can't say I hunger for proving myself in irrational ways. Fashion is not an industry that requires you be particularly more or less adept I have found but rather one that requires you to pledge. Subjective as it is fashion needs to keep a hierachy somehow and the one it has is not very meritocratic.

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