Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Deb Norton's 3 Things

Three weeks ago, TMQ contributor Deb Norton (playwright and star of The Whole Banana) celebrated her big 4-0 by getting engaged. Congratulations Deb! Her fall classes, Freeing the Writer and 10-Minute Play Workshop begin this month. She also offers private coaching. Sign up soon!

Three things I did before turning 40:
1) Figured out how to forgive myself for even the stupidest mistakes
1a) Figured out how to forgive my parents for even the stupidest mistakes
1b) Called my father after a very long and mutually disgruntled silence
2) Figured out what I was supposed to be doing with my time here on earth
2a) Performed in a professional production of a play I had written
2b) Learned to tap dance
2c) Became a teacher
3) Figured out some things about love and being happy
3a) Got engaged (on my 40th birthday)


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