Monday, September 11, 2006

Hey, Good Lookin’. What Ya Got Cookin’?

It’s theme week here again at The May Queen's 3 Things. This time around we're focused on what’s cooking in your kitchen or more importantly-- cookbooks. Cookbooks are a passion of mine- not cooking so much as cookery writing. I wistfully gaze over the mouth-watering photos and dream about throwing lavish parties or more often than not enjoying a big bowl of soup next to a little fire. I’m crazy about English chefs (yes, English!) like Nigella, Jamie, and best of the bunch, Tamasin Day-Lewis. I adore her. She’s a brilliant writer and I’m mad about her books. Here’s a list of my favorites in order:
1. West of Ireland Summers: A Cookbook—Ah the writing in this book is so lovely and a true tribute to Tamasin’s love of her father who introduced her to Ireland. She rekindles the sights, sounds, smells and, above all, the tastes of her family holidays since childhood. I really can’t wait to bake her chocolate hazelnut cake.

2. Tamasin’s Weekend Food- From the Introduction, If you need to rediscover the pleasures of weekend cooking I hope this book will do it for you…It should suit your every mood from the taxed and harassed what-shall-I-cook tomorrow to instant I-want-it-now gratification, to what can I cook tonight, eat tomorrow, rehash the next day. The weekend starts here.

3. Tarts With Tops On or How to Make the Perfect Pie- It has a cheeky title, but this book is a celebration of the pie- savory, traditional, apple, American, and sweet.

4. Good Tempered Food: Recipes to Love, Leave, and Linger Over- A testament to the wisdom of the Slow Food Movement, “this book is filled with the food we love to eat and cook, and is all about reuniting yourself with a sense of pleasure in the kitchen, rediscovering that 'slow' and 'time taken' doesn't mean difficult.”

5. Tamasin's Kitchen Classics- Tamasin's latest book is her take on classic dishes from around the world. Among the new recipes are Saltimbocca, Steak au poivre with Potatoes Lyonnaise, Fig Sorbet, and Aunti Fei's Sour Cream Coffee Cake. Yum!


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